MSI Hospitality (the cruise ship jobs)

Recruitment agency Cruise Ship Jobs/Cruise line Jobs in Philippines
MSI Hospitality have a strong workforce that is comfortable in a luxury environment and motivated to provide and excellent service level. With a fair and ethical recruitment selection, guided by our corporate values, we strive to equip and empower our people to develop their career and not just apply for jobs.
Our (MSI Hospitality ) people are our principle asset and it is their commitment to their careers from the onset that sets us apart from our competitors. MSI Hospitality offer high quality and tailor made services to supit our client's requirements with the added advantage of selecting professional staff through our strategically located offices all over Asia.
The selection of candidates is done by our hotel experts that understand your requirements and are better able to put them into practice when conducting interviews. Increasingly, the global trend is for companies to focus on their core competencies and outsource or subcontract many of their resource consuming back end services to specialist firms.
Contact/Address details:
MSI Hospitality
2nd Floor, TM Kalaw Center
667 TM Kalaw Avenue
Ermita Manila 1000 , Philippines
Tel: +6325361108, Fax: +632536356